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Search product by category or manufacturer.
You can use the sub-category icons located on top of each page to narrow down to more specific group of products that you are looking for.

NOTE:  The price shown under the name of each product does not reflect the prices of all models/capacities available under the same product name.
Complete information about models, capacities, prices, shipping weights can be found on the Product Description page . Click on the product’s name or thumbnail to see complete product details.


On this page you will find detailed product description, standard features and more information such as available options, technical data sheets (PDF), linked products if available and manuals.
On the bottom of the page, you will find complete information to make your selection -  
•    Product internal reference number
•    Shipping weight
•    Capacities/Capacities x Readability for load cells, scale and balances
•    Pan size for balances and Platform size for scales
•    Specific notes, if available, to draw you attention on some specific product information
Choose your product by model or capacity in the drop down product list.
Be aware that price and shipping weight might change based on the model/capacity of the product you finally choose.
Select quantity and add your selection to Shopping Cart.
NOTE: If you need a few products of different models/capacities under the same product name, you have to add them to Shopping Cart one by one.


You must be registered before you can check out. Otherwise we are unable to calculate the shipping cost based on your address.
If you are not a frequent buyer, you can register as a Guest.  If you are a frequent visitor of our site or wish to work with us as a wholesaler, please register under respective title and enjoy our latest industry news, wide range of discounts and other benefits.


Depending on your shipping address, the system will offer you a list of available shippers with prices and delivery time.  After choosing one, shipping cost will be shown in subtotal and added to the total price of your purchase.
If chosen product is not available in stock and customer requires it urgently additional shipping charges can be applied but only if our customer accept them.
You can find more information about shipping options and metods here.


We accept payment in US dollars and Singapore dollars at the moment.  Prices of all products shown in U.S. dollars and Singapore dollars for your reference. You can choose currency to pay at the end of Checkout section underneath of total amount to pay.
Singapore dollar to US dollar exchange rate is calculated based on the Singaporean banks exchange rate and is updated daily.


We use PayPal, one of the most popular online payment systems in the world, as our main payment gateway. You will be redirected to PayPal webpage to make your payment. Once you are on the payment page choose to pay with your PayPal account. If you wish to pay with Credit Card such as: Visa, MasterCard or American Express, select "I don’t have a PayPal account" on PayPal webpage and proceed with payment by credit card.

WE DO NOT CAPTURE OR STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER OR PAYPAL ACCOUNT NUMBER. All payment information you provide will be securely handled by PayPal only.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not process your payment until the date when purchased product(s) are ready for dispatch.

We accept other kind of payment such as Wire transfer, Business check, Cashier check or Cash.
NOTE: We accept checks from Singaporean banks only.


Most products shown in our online store are in stock.  However some products with slow turnover and/or very specific features require special requests from the manufacturers.
If urgent delivery is required and purchased product is not in our stock additional charges might be applied after customer confirmation.
Normally it takes between 3 and 5 working days to process your order


All products are subject to 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase.
Sensorika Technologies offers 14 months limited warranty to all Sensorika products except accessories. You can extend up to 2 years limited warranty just for additional 5% of product price. Contact our stuff for more information


We represent manufacturers of some most recognized brands such as OHAUS Corporation, Vishay Precision Group with their world preferred brands Celtron, Sensortronics, Tedea Huntleigh and Revere.
We are proud to launch our new weighing equipment brand Sensorika Technologies.  It is well-designed and manufactured with reasonable prices and excellent technical support provided by our very own engineers.

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